About Us

About Us

Hello all!

Thank you for visiting our blog time to find out about us.

We are Bella, Conor and Primrose Drew.

First-time parents in our ‘mid’ twenties, living in Norfolk in a little one bedroom place with Primrose and our cat Zelda.

We thought we’d start a blog just to document our new lives as parents and to keep all the memories to come in one special place.

Most things will be completely random stuff that we’ve done or advice we thought we’d share.

We will try to post at least twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays and hopefully add little extras in between (depending on how parenthood treats us!)




Well, I always find these types of things really award to write as I have no idea how to describe myself to the outside world.

I’ve just had a baby girl, sadly my pregnancy wasn’t the greatest but the birth definitely made up for that!

I’m a bit of a perfectionist/control freak but lazy at the same time, with no fashion sense or makeup skills. I’m also a bit of a spendaholic unfortunately for Conor but I am trying to cut down so we can squeeze a family holiday in before I go back to work.

I am in love with all things natural and could be called a “scrunchy mummy” if you go by mum stereotypes as we plan to cloth nappy, breastfeed, co-sleep etc. Hopefully, we will stick to these throughout our baby’s life.

I have recently graduated from my Ba Hons degree in Childhood Studies, and am so proud that I have managed to achieve this whilst being pregnant. I am currently on maternity leave from my job as a teaching assistant, I will sadly be going back to work in June 2018.

I’m very much unsure of my life plans after that, I have deferred my entry to complete a PGCE (teacher training) at UEA to September 2018, but now I am debating changing my career path to Midwifery.

I really haven’t got a clue, all I know is my new life adventure is about to begin!


Conor - about us


Hi, im Conor, Im currently in my 2nd year of uni doing computer science, since I love playing around with computers such as programming and hardware I decided to do a job in something that I love.

Im currently working part-time as a collections consultant at Carshop, in short, I get the cars ready for the customers, do their handover (paperwork such as V5) and then give them their car.

Along with computers, I love photography and videography, It’s more a hobby than anything as I personally find it fun capturing moments and telling a story of that event When we went to Mexico and Disneyland Paris I threw together some video montages for us to remember these trips.

as any self-proclaimed nerd, I love playing video games, I don’t play anywhere close to as much as I used to since being married and with Bella, and I imagine this is going to be even less now with Primrose around (at least until she gets a bit older)


Hopefully, our random life and struggles of being new parents whilst balancing university and work will be worth a read!

Please follow us on social media where we post family pictures and events, and its an easy way to keep updated.